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Temptation Cruise 2022

Temptation Miches

Special Events and Take-Overs

With a sensual and playful vibe, Temptation Miches Resort welcomes you to experience our original and traditional celebrations and events. Each one has its own special twist that only Temptation can provide. It does not matter if you are looking to spice it up, rekindle the flames of passion, or just relax and unwind, we have a group event to satisfy your every wish and desire. The group trips and events will set the scene for your sensual, adults only adventure.

The group and cruise section is for individuals who like adult sexy Caribbean destinations. These upscale destinations are catered to the new lifestyle and cater to all from the new, curious, experienced and or just couples who like the carefree aspect of being Topless, if they so desire. So if you are looking for a Topless Optional Getaway to a upscale resort and ready to spend a week or weekend away, just click on one of our group trips.

No Special Events listed at this time